• Be punctual and dress correctly for all games.
• Greet your opponents and your team at the start of a match and congratulate or compliment them at the end of play.
Shaking hands before and at the conclusion of a match is part of the fine tradition of the sport.
• Be a gracious winner and a good loser. Friendly consideration for others will be appreciated, but extrovert behaviour will not.
• Learn and abide by the laws of the sport and pay attention during a game, as it can be frustrating to others if you are not giving it your full concentration.
• Remain behind and to the side of the mat, ensuring that the bowls are also in a safe area.
Stand still and do not cause any distractions, and keep to your own rink - do not be a wanderer.
Do not talk or make a noise behind the mat when a player is about to deliver a bowl.
• Remember that as soon as your bowls come to rest your opponent has possession of the rink.
• On sunny days, avoid your shadow masking the jack or mat and always avoid obscuring the boundary rink markers.
• Walk down the centre of the rink when changing ends, and do not walk through the head disturbing the bowls.
• Stand well back and warn other players on adjacent rinks when drive shots are being played.
• Never criticise your opponent or team member. Compliment them on a good shot and admit to a fluke with good grace.
• Assist in dressing the rinks, picking up the mat, and clearing up after the game.